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At the SGA, advocacy is a strong governing principle. We strive to advocate for students in an academic capacity, at a provincial level, and for on campus safety. These efforts are driven by our home office staff through their positions on the University Senate, the university’s Board of Governors, and within the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance. Alongside these very important lobbying efforts, our office staff are able to guide students through the process of grade appeals and ensure they understand their rights every step of the way.

Grade Appeals

What is a grade appeal?

A grade appeal is a process which occurs when a student feels that their grade on an assignment, examination, or course has been unfairly delivered. To partake in this process, the student must first speak to their professor, program coordinator or chair, then the dean. If none of those resources were of help, students can file a grade appeal using the forms available at the hub or at the end of the Grade Appeal Policy and sending them to the Registrar. At this point, a grade appeal committee will be assembled and the student will be notified a minimum of five (5) days in advance of the appeal date. An appeals meeting will be held on the date for which the student was notified and will occur whether or not both parties, the student and professor, choose to attend. Here is where evidence and issues may be presented and the student may have an advisor present. After the appeal, the appeals committee will choose whether or not to grant the appeal and the student will be informed of the decision made via email from the registrar. 

How can the SGA help?

At any point during the process of contesting a grade you can contact the SGA for assistance! We will be here to support you with any questions you may have about how to email your professors, chairs, or deans, we can give you insight on the process itself, and help you get your appeal from thought to paper. For more information or if you have any questions you can send an email to our Associate Vice President of Academics or our Vice President of Education.

Contact the Education Team

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