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Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors is the Governing body of the association. All significant decisions must pass through the Board of Directors before taking effect. The board is made up of 14 total directors: the President, the ranking Vice President, and 12 others whom are elected yearly at the October General Meeting. The board approves the annual budget of the SGA/AGÉ, recognizes and ratifies clubs, oversees all association elections, creates and enforces SGA/AGÉ policy, and is responsible for establishing and abiding by the Constitution and Bylaws for the conduct of its affairs.

By-Laws & Policies

Accessibility & Governance

Land Acknowledgement Policy

Pronouns and Gender Inclusive Language Policy

Smudging Guidelines
and Policy

Voting Member Attendance Policy


Capital Purchase Policy

Contingency Reserve Policy

Corporate Bank Account, Cheque Signing Officers, and Limits Policy

Corporate Credit Card Policy

Donations Policy

Expense Claim Policy

Agreements Policy

Petty Cash Policy

Student Life

Bake Sales on Campus

Clubs Policy


Conflict Resolution Policy

Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence Prevention Policy

Workplace Conduct Policy

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