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Your student card gives you access to GOVA Transit!

The student associations at Laurentian University (SGA, AEF & GSA) work together with the City of Greater Sudbury to provide students with a discounted bus pass during the school year; the fee is included in your incidental fees when you pay tuition.

Price Comparison

City Transit — Student Fare

One-Ride Cash Fare

  • $3.50

6-Ride Card

  • $15.00 (+ one-time $6.00)

31-Day Card

  • $75.00 (+ one-time $6.00)

Day Pass

  • $10.00 (+ one-time $6.00)

*not including tax*

Transit Photo ID

Purchase of a card/pass is required to show transit photo ID. One-time buy of $6 (unless replacement is required).

Transfer Required

Free transfer at request to driver that is valid for

90-minutes after request.

SGA U-Pass

  • One time fee payment of $218 (included in your annual fees)

  • GOVA transit access from September to April.

  • Loaded on to your One-Card

  • No transit photo ID required

  • No transfers required

Save Money!

By using the U-Pass you save at least $606.00 during the year on Transit!

Want to Opt-Out?

Students who are outside the transit service area may be eligible to opt-out of the U-PASS fee. You have from August 1st to September 18th, every year, to opt-out.

For full information on services, schedules, and routes offered by Greater Sudbury Transit visit their website or use Google Maps to plan your route.

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