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The Students’ General Association was founded in 1960 and has grown from an association with less than 300 members to one representing over 3800 full time and part-time students. The services, programs, facilities, and structure of the SGA/AGÉ have also changed to meet the new realities faced by our members, Laurentian University, and our community at large.


The original Executive positions of the SGA/AGÉ consisted of a President, English and French Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The Board of Directors was once called the Council and had representatives from each faculty. Currently the SGA/AGÉ structure consists of a President, Vice President Education, Vice President Finance, and Vice President Student Life. 

In its youth, the SGA/AGÉ’s work was primarily social events and building autonomy from the University. Today, while the association is still focused on campus culture and student life we also advocate for students at a process level and run several businesses and services on campus.

In the past the SGA/AGÉ ran a number of publications for their membership, including the bilingual Lambda which was operated exclusively by the SGA/AGÉ until gaining its autonomy in 1985. Laurentianna was Laurentian University’s yearbook funded by the SGA/AGÉ from 1970 until staffing and fundraising problems ended its existence.

Throughout the 1970s, the SGA/AGÉ altered their Board of Directors and Executives to include representatives from academic associations rather than just the colleges. The Executives also changed the organizational structure to make the President a full-time position. Each year the organization structure is reviewed by the Board of Directors and Executive Team for any revisions or adjustments that are required to make the organization run more efficiently in the coming year.


The SGA/AGÉ began an effort to expand its services in the early 1970s through a number of business endeavours, the most enduring being the campus bar, known as the Pub Downunder. From 1979 – 1992 the SGA/AGÉ also owned and operated the Games Room on Student Street. In 2016 campus modernization took effect and the SGA/AGÉ began to share ownership of the Games Room with the Association Étudiant(e)s Francophones (AEF) and Laurentian University Administration.


With the opening of the new Student Centre building in 2019, the SGA/AGÉ completed its sixth move in its sixty-four years of existence. Having moved from its original suite in the Demarco building in downtown Sudbury, to the second floor of the R.D Parker Building in 1965, to G11 on Student Street, to SSR G24 due to campus modernization in 2016, to A116 in the Bowling Alley in 2019,

to its final and current location, SC 212 in the Student Centre. 


In 2016, the SGA/AGÉ became a member of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA).



President – Similoluwa Olufowobi

Vice President Education – Zarreen Brown

Vice President Student Life – Isaac Vestby

Vice President Finance – Timi Aliu

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