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What does the SGA/AGÉ do?

The Students' General Association supports students in a variety of ways.  From health and dental benefits to academic supports, the SGA/AGÉ is here to help students. We lobby with all levels of government to achieve better support for post-secondary students, provide a foodbank to those in need, as well as run fun and exciting events which maintain a positive morale on campus. The SGA/AGÉ does a variety of work, all of which are student-centred!

How does the SGA/AGÉ support Academics?

Advocacy is one of our main pillars in our mission to ensure all students feel secure with our association. 

The main focus with academic advocacy is supporting students throughout the grade-appeal process. Connect with the Vice President Education to know your options or visit the Academic Advocacy section to learn more.

How do I get involved?

There are multiple ways you can get involved with the SGA. You can: 

  1.  Apply for a job

  2.  Volunteer for Events

  3. Join a club

  4. Attend Board of Directors Meetings

How do I get access to the game's area equipment at the Student Centre?

When you arrive at the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre, go up to the V-Desk and ask your clerk for the game equipment you're seeking (Foosball, Pool, or Table Tennis). 

They will ask you for your student card in exchange as the check out system. Once you are done playing, return all equipment to the V-Desk and you will receive your student card back.

How do I opt out of the Health & Dental Plan?

1. Visit

2. DO NOT log in, instead select Laurentian (SGA) on the right side of the page, then click 'go'

3. Select the 'opt-out’ option on the left side bar and follow the instructions from there.


You have from August 1st to September 18th to opt out, if your opt out is successful you will be able to pick up your reimbursement from the SGA V-Desk or have it mailed to you.

Where can I access my health benefits?

  1. Visit

  2. If you have never registered before, click ‘register now’ on the left side bar and follow the instructions on the tab. Here you can also get password recovery.

  3. When inputting your student number, add two zeros to the beginning to make it 9 digits long. For example, instead of your student number being 0121212, it would be 000121212

  4. After you have registered (or logged in) you can now explore your benefits, download and print your benefit card info and submit claims online.

How do I opt-out of the U-Pass service?

When it comes to opting-out of the U PASS, we do need you to meet some requirements. They are that you either live further than 1.5km of the bus stop, use handi-transit or are currently on a two term placement. The reason these are the only situations that make one eligible for opting-out of the U PASS is because we want to ensure students have guaranteed and reliable access to and from campus should their normal means of transportation fail (ex., a car breaks down and one has to come to campus for class). 


If you do meet one of the requirements above, please visit the U-Pass Service section to begin your request for opting-out between August 1st and September 18th.

Can I keep my Laurentian
e-mail after I graduate?

As per storage needs of the University, student's email will stay activated for up to 2 years after they graduate or stop attending the University, after that, the email will be eliminated from the system and you will lose access to it.


We encourage students to forward all important emails and save the important contacts within those 2 years since everything gets automatically deleted after that time frame.


No extensions to that period are granted after the 2 years.

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