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Retail Space #2

The second retail space located in the foyer of the Student Centre Building is a more traditionally designed retail space. This space is equally suited to  both short and long term rentals. Businesses looking to run a pop-up with a student based target market or looking for short term rentals for a specific event or time of year will find this space equally useful as those searching for a longer term rental and a stable way to interact with student clientele over time. 

If you are interested in viewing or renting this space please email

In your email please include the following information: 

(1) The name and nature of your business

(2) The date(s) when you would like to rent the space (for short term rentals only)

(3) The length of lease you are looking for (for long term rentals only)

(4) A short description of what you plan to use the space for

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