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Carolina Mata Mateo

Senior Manager of Operations

About the Senior Manager of Operations

The Senior Manager of Operations is responsible for the overall operations of the SGA/AGÉ and its subsidiary brands and businesses. They are responsible for general office and V-Desk management as well as operations at Due North. The Senior Manager of Operations also acts as the HR representative for the association, manages the administration of the Health Plan and U-Pass, clubs information, and much more. They ensure that all the operations are in accordance with best business practices and the law. As a full-time permanent employee, the ultimate role of this position is to ensure consistency and continuity of the SGA/AGÉ through the years.

Why would I contact the Senior Manager of Operations?

Students may contact the Senior Manager of Operations if they are looking for employment or volunteer opportunities at the SGA or if they have any request to collaborate with the SGA in regards to business. 

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