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Student Experience Clerks

About the V-Desk Clerks

The V-Desk is student’s first access point to the SGA/AGÉ! Located in the lobby of the Student Centre, the V-Desk is conveniently located to serve SGA/AGÉ students and the Laurentian community at large. The V-Desk clerks offer students help with any SGA/AGE service including, the Health Plan, U-Pass, food bank, events, and so much more. If students have questions, this is where they should go first. Students can visit the V-Desk in person or reach out virtually through the email. Our V-Desk clerks are trained to help students resolve issues or direct them to the correct service.

Why would I contact the V-Desk Clerks?

Students may contact the V-Desk Clerks if they have any questions about their health plan, U-Pass, student life activities and events, etc. Students can also come by the V-Desk if they want to access SGA/AGÉ services such as games and locker rentals.

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