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Emma Lelievre

Vice President Finance

About the Vice President Finance

The Vice President Finance is responsible for assisting with the financial transactions that take place within the SGA/AGE. They are responsible for assisting with the annual budget, monitoring all actual and projected budget expenditures by updating journal entries, ensuring proper cash flows, updating our balance sheet, and allocating reimbursements (Opt-Outs). I am also responsible for helping manage club funding, which includes club deposits and reimbursements. Other responsibilities include managing inventory and funds for the Pub Downunder, Due North clothing store, and Old Rock Café, as well as helping manage third-party transactions.

Why would I contact the VP Finance?

Students should contact the VP Finance if they would like to Opt-Out of the SGA fees, or rent any of our spaces (atrium, Pub Downunder, etc.). Clubs may reach out if they need funding for events, reimbursements, or if they would like to make deposits.

Other Executives

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